Guilford Sound sessions / Next show August 1

A couple weeks ago I went up with Geoff and drummer Gunnar Olsen to my friend Dave Snyder’s new studio Guilford Sound in Vermont and cut basics for 8 songs.  The sessions were really fun.  We recorded the drums, bass, and initial guitars to tape, and it was refreshing to be in a studio for a couple days with the computer off.  Guilford Sound is nothing short of amazing with an API Legacy board, 24 track tape machines (and of course a souped up Mac with Pro Tools), Neve Melbourne sidecar, tons of crazy outboard gear, a ridiculous mic collection, some of my favorite guitars (including a ’66 Jazzmaster) and amps (vintage Fender Pro Reverb), Dave’s endless jokes and amusing stores, and Dixie (studio dog).  Also, Guilford, VT is an awesome town (I particularly love their Food Co-Op).

They were still constructing the lounge and the bathroom so we slept in sleeping bags in the iso rooms and used the bathroom in Dave’s house which was a few hundred yards from the studio.  Really can’t wait to go back up there.  Expect pics and videos of the sessions soon.

I’ve been doing vocals at home for the last few days;  if you want to catch me at my most vulnerable and paranoid, then come on over.

It hasn’t been entirely happy though.  On the Wednesday we were in Guilford I got the news that my friend (and super talented/accomplished musician) Dan Cho had passed away.  I attended his funeral this past Friday with fellow musicians Cooper, Wes Hutchinson, and photographer J. Ryan Roberts.  It was a sad time, but I was grateful for the company of those dudes.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the memorial service for my friend Jake Stults this past Saturday.  Jake passed away a few months ago in Portland, OR and himself was another very talented and accomplished musician.  I got to play with Jake on De La Hoya’s last tour in 2001 where he filled in on bass.  A song we recorded in VT entitled “The Curtain Call” is about him.

Events like those make you grateful for your friends and family (and just so you all know, I love you).

Anyway, while I’m finishing up these overdubs, Geoff, Jordan, Chris, and I are going to play a show at the infamous Mr. Beery’s in Bethpage, NY on Sunday August 1.  Come by and hear some new songs.

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear at Mr. Beery's

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear at Mr. Beery's


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