I’m everywhere.

Happy new year everyone!  The masters for the upcoming record have been approved and Ed’s finishing up the artwork as I type.  Everything is sounding and looking awesome.  I’m not sure about a release date yet but it’ll be soon.

There’s a ton of shows coming up.  Next week Geoff and I are playing at Tommy’s Tavern with Only Thieves, Radio Barons, and At Dawn We Slept.  On February 5 I’ll be playing a solo acoustic show with Jeff Rowe.  You’ll hear some GRNB songs, some DLH/NP songs if people are interested, maybe a handful of the 2 dozen or so new songs I’ve written over the last few months, and maybe a new cover or two.  Then the full band is playing the last Rapid Cities show on February 25.

I didn’t think I’d be going to SXSW this year, but alas, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear is playing on Thursday March 17 (and earlier in the day I’ll be playing with Infinity Spaceship, live band karaoke).  And then a few days after that I’ll be meeting up with Attica! Attica! for a solo acoustic tour of the West Coast.  And immediately following that the band is playing at GIR Fest 2.  What?!?!?

I’m everywhere.

Next week:

Tommy's Tavern 01.19.11

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear at Tommy's Tavern 01.19.11


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