Tour was awesome; homecoming show tonight!

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I’ll write a more in-depth tour review later on but for now I’ll just say that it was pretty life-changing/affirming.  I wish we were still going.  Thanks to all the promoters, venues, bands, crashpad hosts, and everyone that came by to listen and hang out.  Big thanks and love to Aaron and TJ!

Homecoming show tonight at Session 73, 7:45pm, with my buds Ed Romanoff and Cooper.  See you there!


We crushed SXSW / leaving for West Coast today!

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SXSW was unreal.  Beatles on Uke gig was really fun (thanks to Roger and Linda!).  Live Band Karaoke was like being in Queens of the Stone Age for an hour and a half (thanks to Brian, Miso Music, and the Purevolume House).  The Ghost Robot Ninja Bear show reminded me of some of the best DIY basement shows I’d ever attended (thanks to Chris, Jordan, Wildstreet, Twin Killers, James Taylor, and Jeff Meyers).  Hanging with the Brooklyn crew all week was amazing.  Thank you!

Leaving for the West Coast for my solo acoustic tour with Attica! Attica! in a few hours, check out the upcoming shows page for more details!

And thanks to everyone who’s been downloading the new records and donating, it’s so appreciated!

New records on Bandcamp available today!

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Lost Time

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Last week was bonkers and it’s just going to continue for the next few weeks.

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Last week was great.  The Union Pool solo acoustic show was so much fun;  I love that stage.  Then Will, Geoff, and Tom rocked with me on Friday and nailed the show after 2 very short rehearsals.  I’m so lucky to get to play these songs with all these awesome musicians.  And Rapid Cities totally tore it up!

The CDs also arrived last week!  They look fantastic.  Release date TBA!

Lastly, please come out this Wednesday at 8:45pm to Session 73 in the upper east side.  I’ll be doing a solo acoustic set.  Thanks!

I am so busy.

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There’s so many shows coming up.  This Wednesday I’ll be playing a solo acoustic set at 9pm at Union Pool.  This Friday we’ll be playing the last Rapid Cities show in NYC.  For that show Tom Unish of Joy by Proxy and Will Noon of Breaking Pangaea / Straylight Run will be joining me and Geoff.  Very excited about all this activity.

Keep checking the shows page for more info on other NYC-area shows, SXSW, and the West Coast tour with Attica! Attica!

The CDs should be back from the pressing plant this week or next so I’m working on an April record release.

I’m still working on my other solo record;  not sure when that’ll be done, but I hope to have a few tracks up online before SXSW.

That’s all for now, hope to see you at the shows this week!

Videos from the Public Assembly solo acoustic show:

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Venue got switched from The Charleston to Public Assembly an hour before doors.  I’d say that was a bold move.  Show was fun though, here are some clips: