Past Shows

12.17.11 Brooklyn, NY @ Tommy’s Tavern (solo acoustic)

10.20.11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Lulu’s w/ The Pauses and Great Deceivers (both on tour from Orlando, FL) and more TBA!

10.11.11 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Trash Bar w/ The Golden Age of Radio, Once A Pawn, Sleepcrime, Fatty Two Times.  OPEN BAR (PBR & WELL DRINKS) FROM 8-9 WITH $7 ADMISSION, 21+.  We play last at midnight.

09.29.11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Donia Cafe (solo acoustic).  I’m hosting an open mic.  Sign-ups are at 8:30pm, performances from 9pm-11pm.

09.28.11 – NYC @ Session 73 (duo acoustic) w/ Cooper.  free, 9pm, 21+.

09.26.11 – Boston, MA @ Charlie’s Kitchen (solo acoustic) w/ Jinx Brothers, Billy Brown, and Tourist.  $5, 9pm, 21+, I play 2nd.

09.01.11 – Chicago, IL @ Pancho’s (solo acoustic) w/ The Hussy, Axis : Sova, Den, and Dowsing.  Doors at 8pm, $5adv / $7 dos, 18+, I play 2nd.

08.31.11 – Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop (solo acoustic) w/ Eric Ayotte and more.  Doors at 9pm, Show at 9:30pm, I play 2nd.  $3.

08.30.11 – Indianapolis, IN @ The Melthouse (solo acoustic)

08.29.11 – Cincinnati, OH @ Daniel’s Pub (solo acoustic) w/ 1985 and Autococoon

08.28.11 – Columbus, OH @ Rumba Cafe (solo acoustic), 8pm, $5.

08.20.11 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Charleston (duo acoustic) w/ Bearface and Dangeroo Duo.  We play 2nd at 9:45pm.

08.17.11 – NYC @ Session 73 (solo acoustic) w/ Cooper

07.24.11 – Brooklyn, NY @ XPO929 (duo acoustic) w/ The Emotron, Andy The Doorbum, Mean Tangerine, and Attica! Attica!  all ages, doors at 7pm, $8, we play first at 7:30pm.

07.22.11 – Warren, NJ @ Warren American Legion (duo acoustic) w/ Communication Redlight, Honah Lee, Kill Wealthy Dowager, Not The Bees, Great Deceivers (on tour from FL).  all ages, 7:30pm doors, $5, we play 3rd around 9pm.

07.13.11 – Allston, MA @ Great Scott (duo acoustic) w/ Jeff Rowe, Dan Webb and The Spiders, The Fake Boys.  9pm, 18+, $8.

07.01.11 – Bristol, VT @ Screaming For Change Fest (solo acoustic) w/ Strike Anywhere, Another Breath, Unrestrained, Maintain, and many more!

06.30.11 – Allston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub (solo acoustic) w/ Scarce, Billy Brown, and Heartbreak Blvd.

06.26.11 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Charleston (duo acoustic) w/ Mikey Erg, Timeshares, Two Knights (from Texas), Dowsing (from Chicago).  7pm.

06.13.11 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Charleston w/ MNWA, SOHNS, Innards (from Texas), and Sleep Bellum Sono.  7:30pm.

06.08.11 – NYC @ Session 73 (solo acoustic), 7pm, free show!

05.15.11 – Bethpage, NY @ Mr. Beery’s (duo acoustic) w/ Summer People and more

05.11.11 – Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub w/ LARF, Overdale, more

05.10.11 – Gainesville, FL @ Common Grounds

04.22.11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Matchless (Record Release!) w/ War On Women, Joy By Proxy, and The Reveling.  21+, FREE, doors at 7:30pm, music at 8pm, we hit at 10pm Sharp!

04.20.11 – NYC @ Session 73 solo acoustic w/ Cooper and more.  Free show, I hit at 7pm sharp!

04.15.11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Legion solo acoustic w/ Billy Brown and War On Words

04.06.11 – NYC @ Session 73 solo acoustic homecoming show w/ Ed Romanoff and Cooper.  I play at 8pm sharp.

04.01.11 – San Francisco, CA @ Cathouse 41st Ave. solo acoustic w/ Windmills, Geronimo’s Dream, Owl Paws, and Attica! Attica!  7pm, all ages.

04.01.11 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Streetlight Records (early show) solo acoustic w/ Attica! Attica!  3:45pm, all ages, free.

03.31.11 – San Jose, CA @ Good Karma (late show) solo acoustic w/ Attica! Attica!

03.31.11 – San Jose, CA @ Streetlight Records (early show) solo acoustic w/ Attica! Attica!  4:45pm, all ages, free.

03.30.11 – Modesto, CA @ Bound For Glory solo acoustic w/ Attica! Attica!, Roy Dean

03.29.11 –  Chico, CA @ Cafe Flo solo acoustic w/ Attica! Attica!, Rustwater

03.28.11 – Portland, OR @ Reed College Chapel solo acoustic w/ Attica! Attica!  7pm, all ages, free.

03.27.11 – Portland, OR @ Red & Black Cafe solo acoustic w/ Attica! Attica!, Confederacy of Dunces.  7pm, all ages, free.

03.26.11 – Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge solo acoustic w/ Attica! Attica!, Damage Done, Success.  all ages, $5.

03.25.11 – Vancouver, WA @ Nouvelle Nouvelle solo acoustic w/ Attica! Attica!, Shaunn Watt, Andy Dixon.  7:30pm, all ages, $5.

03.23.11 – Bremerton, WA @ The Charleston solo acoustic w/ Attica! Attica!  8:30pm, all ages, free.

03.17.11 @  Plush (617 Red River St. Austin, TX)

GIANT STEPS PRODUCTIONS 4th annual notSXSW party @ plush


Twin Killers

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear (we hit at 11:40pm!)


Gifts From Enola


Fake Problems

Look Mexico

Touche Amore

Make Do + Mend

Herra Terra

Adebisi Shank


Such Gold


Everyone Everywhere

The Stampede

Doors at 11:00am

Magic Hat power hour from 6:00 to 8:00

21+ free all day and night
18+ welcome from noon to 9:00 with $2 cover.

03.11.11 @ Xpo929 (Brooklyn, NY) Generic Insight Radio Fest 2, buy tickets from The Black Numbers!  I’ll be joined by Jordan Melkin, Geoff Kraly, and Gunnar Olsen.  We hit at 8pm and we’re filming this so please show up and look cool  / make us look cool, thanks.

03.07.11 @ Xpo929 (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Born Without Bones (MA), The Hotel Year (MA), and Radio Barons.  I’ll be playing solo acoustic.  7pm, $7, all ages.

03.02.11 @ Session 73 (NYC), 8:45pm, I’ll be playing solo acoustic.  Free show!

02.25.11 @ The Charleston (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Rapid Cities (last show ever!), Ghost Robot Ninja Bear (w/ Geoff Kraly, Tom Unish, and Will Noon), Secret Photos, and Sleep Bellum Sonno.  8pm, $7, 21+.

02.23.11 @ Union Pool (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Religious to Damn (Vaura, A Storm of Light), Greg Petersen (Batillus), Man’s Gin (Cobalt, Inswarm), and Oscar Albis Rodriguez (Nakatomi Plaza / Ghost Robot Ninja Bear).  8:30pm, I’ll be playing solo acoustic.

02.05.11 @ Public Assembly (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Jeff Rowe, Billy Brown, and William Manning.  I’ll be playing solo acoustic;  some GRNB songs, maybe some DLH/NP songs if people are interested, and handful of the 2 dozen or so new songs I’ve written since August, maybe some new covers.

01.19.11 @ Tommy’s Tavern (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Ghost Robot Ninja Bear (duo), Only Thieves (on tour from FL), Radio Barons, and At Dawn We Slept.  21+.  We play last at 11pm.

12.19.10 @ Party Expo (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Fiend, Dead Ringer, Control, and Melissa and Paul.  all ages, 3pm, $8.  We’re playing third around 4:45pm.

12.15.10 @ 538 Johnson #208 (Brooklyn, NY) w/ The Sidekicks, Timeshares, and Luther.  all ages, 7pm, $5.  We play last around 10:30pm.

12.04.10 @ Big Day In at The Haunt (Ithaca, NY) Featuring:
Young Widows (Temporary Residence LTD : Louisville, KY)
Soul Control (Bridge 9 : Providence, RI)
Bridge & Tunnel (No Idea : New York, NY)
Beach Parade (Ithaca, NY)
Why The Wires (Habit Forming Records : Ithaca, NY)
Like Wolves (Hex Records : Rochester, NY)
Zona Mexicana (Purchase, NY)
Ghost Robot Ninja Bear (NYC ex-Nakatomi Plaza)
Speak Daggers (Ithaca, NY)
Cattle Drums (Oneonta, NY)
Ailments (Pirate House Records : Olean/Ithaca, NY)
Bright Shiny Objects (Ithaca, NY)  $5, all ages, noon – 10pm, we hit at 4pm sharp!

12.03.10 @ The Updog (2399 Pennington Road, Pennington, NJ) House Cooling Party w/ Luther, Warren Franklin, Beta Male John Wayne, and The Timid Roosevelts.  8pm.

11.27.10 @ Lulu’s (113 Franklin St., Brooklyn, NY) w/ The New Dress, Annabel (OH), Sleep Bellum Sono, and Two Hand Fools (OH).  21+, FREE, we hit at 8:45pm sharp!

11.26.10 @ Blackburn Performing Arts Center (1 Washington St. Gloucester, MA) w/ Boxingwater (reunion!), Choke Up, Jonee Earthquake, Tourist, and Diastema.  I’m the secret (solo acoustic) guest that’ll play right before Boxingwater.  I am awful at keeping secrets, sorry!  6pm, $7, all ages.

11.20.10 @ Meat Town USA (New Brunswick, NJ) acoustic duo, 6pm, all ages, $5 donation.  Email me for the address.  FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS comp release show w/ EX WIFE, BRICK MOWER, and BETA MALE JOHN WAYNE.

11.17.10 @ Googie’s  Lounge (NYC) solo acoustic, 8pm, 21+, $5 suggested donation, one drink minimum.

11.05.10 @ Culture Fix (NYC) acoustic duo show w/ Jeff Rowe.  10pm.

10.29.10 @ Matchless (Brooklyn, NY) performing the songs of AC/DC (Bon Scott era) with XCHIN as Bon w/ Man (Hole)s, Bad Credit No Credit as Prince, Jewel Heist as Stone Temple Pilots, Sidefires as Sunny Day Real Estate, and The Golden Age of Radio as Fleetwood Mac. Doors at 6:30pm, Music at 7pm, we hit at 10pm.

09.23.10 @ The Ghostcat (514 N. Aurora Ithaca, NY) w/ Attica! Attica!, Rye ‘n Clover, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear (solo) and a few De La Hoya covers from me and Aaron!  Doors at 7pm with Campfire Story Circle, Music at 8:30pm.

09.22.10 @ The Cave (15 Orville St. Oswego, NY) w/ Attica! Attica!, Mayflower, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear (solo), and a few De La Hoya covers from me and Aaron!  I play first at 6pm sharp.  $5

09.20.10 @ Party Expo (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Des Ark (solo), Ghost Robot Ninja Bear (duo), The Reveling (acoustic), Exit She Calls (acoustic) and Communipaw.  Doors at 7pm, $8, all ages.

08.01.10 @ Mr. Beery’s (Bethpage, NY) w/ Sainthood Reps, Sidefires, Thought & Memory, and Ghost Robot Ninja Bear.  8pm, $5, 21+.

06.27.10 @ The Acheron (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Restorations, Bats & Mice, The New Dress, The Golden Age Of Radio, and Ghost Robot Ninja Bear. Doors at 7pm, $8, all ages.

05.22.10 @ Party Expo (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Everyone Everywhere, Stegosaur, Fellow Project, Exit She Calls and Ghost Robot Ninja Bear.  $7, all ages, doors at 7:30pm.


03.16.10 @  The Charleston (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Money / Paper / HeartsRest Assured (Louisville, KY), and Only Thieves (Tallahassee, FL).

10.23.09 @ Matchless (Brooklyn, NY ) Deus Ex Machina PR / CMJ Party w/ Milagres, Madeline, Ribbons, Ludlow Lions, and Big Push

09.16.09 @ The Glass Door (Brooklyn, NY) World Bicycle Relief Benefit w/ Bomb The Music Industry,  The New Dress,  Bridge & Tunnel,  Attica! Attica! and Summer People

07.20.09 @ Piano’s (NYC) w/ Slow Claw and Sissy Wish

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