Ghost Robot Ninja Bear plays the songs of Oscar Albis Rodriguez (Brooklyn, NY via Warwick, RI).  He sings, plays guitar, bass, and keyboards, and is getting much better at microphone placement and dialing in preamps and compressors.

Depending on the night he is joined by various friends including but not limited to Rachel Rubino (Bridge and Tunnel) on guitar, Jordan Melkin (Ludlow Lions, New Numbers) on guitar, Thomas Unish (Joy By Proxy) on guitar and keyboards, Matt Caron (History) on guitar and vocals, Geoff Kraly on bass, synths, and vocals, Tierney Tough (The Pauses) on bass and vocals, Patrick O’Neal (History) on drums, Adam Christgau (Ludlow Lions) on drums or bass, Christopher Enriquez (On the Might Of Princes, Villa Vina, Criteria, Ludlow Lions) on drums, Gunnar Olsen (The Exit, Fires of Rome, De La Hoya) on drums, Will Noon on drums, Liam Hurley (Nakatomi Plaza / Josh Ritter) on drums, and Brendan Coon (Ludlow Lions, Barabbas Notorious, Joy By Proxy) on percussion and vocals.  J. Robbins, Ali Hassan (engineer for Bouncing Souls, The Loved Ones; bassist of Wildstreet), Dave Snyder (Guilford Sound), Bill Henderson (Azimuth Mastering), Carl Saff, and Will Quinnell (Sterling Sound) all have mad production skills that Oscar’s trying to cop.

Oscar likes being in bands:

Nakatomi Plaza

De La Hoya

Ludlow Lions

Paul Schneider

Dexter Lake Club Band

Fires of Rome

The Clawed Frog

…and many more.

He’s also a session musician, a music teacher, and a vegan.

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